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Sometimes rigid personal boundaries can cause as much problems as no boundaries.

The Need For Control

People with rigid boundaries may not feel comfortable unless they have extreme control over their lives. For instance, it may greatly upset them when someone volunteers them for an activity or does something without their express permission.

Past Trauma

Past trauma is one of the biggest reasons that people have deep and unrelenting boundaries.

● People who have been abused or those who have lived through a traumatic event will often do everything they can to protect themselves from it happening again. They will do so even if that means shutting out things, people, or experiences they may otherwise be interested in

Fear of Change or Trying New Things

Someone with strict boundaries may have an innate fear of change or new experiences. It may make them more comfortable to stick with an established routine and never part from it.

Family History

4. They come from a family that has established rigid boundaries. Some people have rigid boundaries because they were taught to have them in childhood. For example, this may be evident in homes that adhere to traditional or strict religious value systems.


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